For the Birds Radio Program: EXTRA: Birds in the News— Live Interview at KUMD with Lisa Johnson

Original Air Date: Nov. 6, 2021

This aired live on November 5 and was very fun to do. Lisa has been one of the very best interviewers I’ve dealt with in my long career, and I’ve been interviewed on a lot of local, state, and national radio and television news programs. Lisa always does her homework, so her questions are always intelligent and informed (seriously—very few people in media have her knowledge about nature and environmental issues), and her quick wit is SO fun to engage with!

Here we talk about the Audubon Naturalist Society dropping “Audubon” from its name, the California Condor’s so-called “virgin births” announced last week, and New Zealand announcing a tiny little mammal as its Bird of the Year.

Duration: 16′16″ Related blog post with transcript