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The Love Lives of Birds 2020 Published by Storey Publishing LLC

From the lifelong devotion of American Crows to the dalliances of Eastern Bluebirds, from Bald Eagles’ focus on home improvements to the female Ruby-throated Hummingbird’s Rosie the Riveter’s lifestyle — courtship, mating, and parenting differ dramatically among birds. Come along on a romance-fueled romp through the love lives of 35 species, exploring the diversity of avian approaches to pairing up. Each species spotlight pairs scientific fact with humorous and insightful parallels between human and bird.

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Am I Like You? 2016 Published by Cornell Lab Publishing Group

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the Cornell Lab Publishing Group’s Brian Sockin asked Laura to collaborate on this project, a children’s picture book that personalizes birds based on sound natural history and biology information about each species.

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ABA Field Guide to Birds of Minnesota 2016 Published by Scott & Nix

This field guide covers 300 species of Minnesota birds. Jim Williams of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune wrote, “Maybe you don’t need another field guide, but this one is different. It is better.” And, on March 27, 2021, Laura’s grandson Walter was quoted as saying, “gaaaaa, yayaya, gaaaaa.”

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Identifying Birds of Prey 2016 Published by Stackpole

A simple introduction to hawk identification focused on silhouettes.

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Into the Nest: Intimate Views of the Courting, Parenting and Family Lives of Birds 2015 Published by Storey Publishing

This book, rich with photographs edited by Marie Read, provides a wealth of information about nesting birds and how their young grow, learn, and become independent.

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National Geographic Pocket Guide: Birds of North America 2013 Published by National Geographic

This friendly little book provides an excellent invitation to birding, covering 160 exciting, beautiful, and interesting species.

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Hawk Ridge: Minnesota's Birds of Prey 2012 Published by University of Minnesota Press

This book, Winner of the 2013 Northeastern Minnesota Book Award, provides natural history and historical information about Duluth’s famous Hawk Ridge and all the hawks and falcons that migrate along the North Shore of Lake Superior.

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The Curious Adventures of Max the Maggot 2012 Published by Amazon Digital Services

How a spunky little grub saved the life of a mighty hawk. This “book” is only available right now for Kindle.

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Twelve Owls 2011 Published by University of Minnesota Press

This book provides fascinating information about the twelve species of owls that have been recorded in Minnesota. Illustrated by Betsy Bowen.

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The Bird Watching Answer Book 2009 Published by Storey Publishing

Written while Laura Erickson was Science Editor at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, this book was put together to answer the questions people ask about birds.

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Good Birders Don't Wear White: 50 Tips from North America's Top Birders 2007 Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Laura contributed one of the fifty essays in this book, “Introduce Children to Birds,” raising the number of books she’s written by 0.02.

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101 Ways to Help Birds 2006 Published by Stackpole Books

This is my most important book. I put my heart, soul, and 2 1/2 years of research into it. Please consider buying it so publishers can see there is a market for books about bird conservation. I describe the myriad problems facing birds today and practical ways we can help protect them.

All 101 Ways are listed here., and I’ve added a couple more that occurred to me since writing the book. Click on any of the boxes to read the entire text with photos, updates, and links. If you know of any important information/links I should add, or notice anything that should be corrected, or any important updates for any, please email me.

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Sharing The Wonder Of Birds With Kids 2002 Published by University of Minnesota Press

This National Outdoor Book Award winner, originally published by Pfeifer-Hamilton in 1997, includes a wealth of tips from Laura Erickson’s experiences as a K-8 science teacher, Brownie and Girl Scout troop leader, and advisor to Cub Scout Webelos and Boy Scouts earning the Bird Study Merit Badge.

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For the Birds: An Uncommon Guide 1993 Published by Pfeifer-Hamilton and the University of Minnesota Press

This book, based on Laura Erickson’s long-running radio program, includes 365 essays about the birds in our lives, one for each day of the year.

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Earth's Chemical Clues: The Story of Geochemistry 1990 Published by Enslow Pub Inc

Yes, it’s true: Laura Erickson knows a little about something other than birds! She didn’t so much co-author this book as translate it for junior high school students. Outdated now, but since it’s the first book Laura Erickson wrote, and she managed to work in photos of her children and drawings by her husband, it’s included in this listing.

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