For the Birds Radio Program: Blue Jays Are Here to Stay (Song only)

Original Air Date: Nov. 13, 2000 (estimated date)

After the 2000 election, while the nation was wondering what was happening, the California Ravens came up with this musical number.

Duration: 2′00″


The more I read the papers,
The less I comprehend
This national election
And how it all will end.
No ballots seem to be lasting,
But that needn’t be so hard.
We’ve got something permanent
Right here in our own backyard.

It’s very clear Blue Jays are here to stay.
Not for a year, but ever and a day.
Al Gore, Buchanan, and Florida voters,
George W. and Nader, too
May just be passing fancies—
Punch card ballots, too.
But oh, my dear, Blue Jays are here to stay.
Together we’re going a long, long way.
Both parties’ mandates have crumbled,
The newscasters fumbled.
The nation feels their pain but
Blue Jays are here to stay.