For the Birds Radio Program: Interview with Jerome Pratt

Original Air Date: Nov. 10, 2000 Rerun Dates: Nov. 13, 2006; Nov. 11, 2005; Nov. 13, 2003; Nov. 11, 2002

Laura talks with the commander of the last Pigeon Company of the Army Signal Corps.

Duration: 6′02″


Today we honor the Veterans who have fought in wars throughout our nation’s history. The sacrifices these men and women made were given with hope and faith that this nation would remain free and worthy of their honorable service. People who support militarism are usually classified as hawks, though real hawks have never helped our nation, or any other, in wartime. When countries need assistance in the heat of battle, they turn to doves. Last year I interviewed Lieutenant Colonel Jerome Pratt, commander of the last pigeon corps company used in battle during World War II. Here’s a part of that telephone interview.