Sound Recording: Dawn on Hog Island, 2018

Recorded on June 8, 2018 Recorded in Hog Island, Bremen, Maine

This recording was made from 4:29–5:45 am on June 8 across the path from the Binnacle cabin. The most prominent singers are rich and bubbly Purple Finches and the Song Sparrow, starting with three or so identical notes and breaking into a jumble.

I didn’t cut out anything, so you can hear a few human-type sounds: a distant airplane, staff or a camper pulling a cart or roller-bag, and a lobster boat. You can also tell when an inquisitive Red Squirrel approaches the recording equipment a few times. I didn’t cut any background noise—this was a wonderfully windless day, so the only “noise” is the gentle lapping on the nearby shore. Well, unless you think Red Squirrels make noise.

The Chipping Sparrow-like song from near the microphone is a Dark-eyed Junco. The song is a bit more musical than a chippie’s would be, and I watched the junco singing there several times.

Duration: 76′09″