Sound Recording: Phainopepla: 13 calls

Recorded on Nov. 1, 2022 Recorded in McQuade Boat landing parking area just north of Duluth, St. Louis County, Minnesota

This Phainopepla, Minnesota’s first record, was flycatching and making single wurp! calls whenever she alighted. Then she dropped into a buckthorn shrub and made these 13 calls in succession. I used Adobe Audition to delete the lowest frequencies and lower the volume of the background noise. Then I used the lasso selection tool to capture and raise the volume of the main calls and their easily-seen first overtone. The spacing and timing are exactly as the bird produced the sounds. After these calls, she was silent, or at least too quiet for me to hear, until she flew out and started flycatching again.

The photo is of this individual, taken the day the recording was made.

Duration: 0′32″