For the Birds Radio Program: Owl Banding

Original Air Date: Oct. 30, 1995

Today Laura Erickson interviews Duluth fifth grader Seth Freundshuh about his experiences at the Hawk Ridge Banding Station when they’re catching owls. 3:35

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(Just the intro: I don’t have the transcript of the actual interview)

A couple of weeks ago, after I talked about the owl banding at Hawk Ridge, one or two listeners were inspired to adopt an owl so they could take part in the Hawk Ridge evening festivities. My best friend Karen Keenan, a fifth-grade teacher at Woodland in Duluth, even brought one of her students. Kids in her classes saved up enough money to adopt four raptors: a Saw-whet Owl, a Long-eared Owl, a Sharp-shinned Hawk, and an American Kestrel. Seth Freundshuh was chosen to represent the class at the banding station. I asked Seth to come into the station to talk about what it’s like watching owls be banded.