For the Birds Radio Program: Poems by Robert Nero and Thomas Handy Loon

Original Air Date: Feb. 1, 2005 Rerun Dates: Dec. 9, 2010; Aug. 8, 2007; Dec. 15, 2006; Feb. 9, 2006

Laura reads Robert Nero’s “Surprise Effect” and “At Minus Twenty Celsius” and Thomas Handy Loon’s “When I Was a Bird.”

Duration: 4′24″



Every now and then I like to read poems from friends and listeners on “For the Birds.” Sometimes I go weeks or months without getting a single poem, but yesterday was a banner day—I got two poems from renowned biologist and Great Gray Owl specialist Robert Nero of Manitoba, and a cool poem from Thomas Handy Loon of Bemidji. Robert Nero