Sound Recording: Redpolls at my feeder

Recorded on March 30, 2024 Recorded in Peabody Street, Duluth, MN

I made this recording by hooking my Zoom recorder, in its case, about 3 feet above my window feeder. I had to cut out long sections whenever our heat pump turned on (the original recording was over 3 hours!) and shorter ones when an airplane and a few cars went by. I also removed a lot of metallic pings as melting icicles dripped squarely on the heat pump, but quite a few remain.

At least two Hoary Redpolls were visiting this feeder during the time I was recording, so I tagged them, but no way can I pick out their calls from the crowd of Common Redpolls. The photo associated with this recording is NOT from today. I took it in April 2022, but it’s of the same feeder in the same situation.

Duration: 49′04″