Laura's Speaking Engagements

For family and health reasons, Laura is accepting fewer public speaking engagements, and has also had to raise her rates. Besides her speaking fee (starting at $750, depending on the number of events and days involved ), she must be compensated for travel expenses, which include $0.50 per mile plus lodging costs en route, or reimbursement for flying and car rental, and lodging during the event for herself and her plucky sidekick Pip the Birding Dog. She makes exceptions in a few situations, for organizations that she wants to support and/or for exceptional birding and bird photography opportunities or personal reasons. She truly can no longer afford the time and exhaustion of most programs below her asking rate. Fortunately, there are plenty of other speakers out there.


Past Keynotes and Other Major Presentations

(This doesn’t include workshops, field trips, etc.) .


“I had the pleasure of hearing Laura speak at The Biggest Week in American Birding in 2012. Her talk centered around common birds that were familiar even to beginners, but she described so many fascinating details about their lives and behaviors that the veteran birders in the audience were just as enthralled as the rookies. I would recommend her presentations to birders of all levels of interest and experience—you will be both educated and entertained!” —Barb Padgett

“The information that Laura shared with us, along with the large screen visuals, was extensive and fascinating, but what made the evening memorable was Laura herself. She has a wonderful sense of humor, is a natural storyteller, and is highly articulate yet completely down-to-earth.” —Donna Miller, regarding Laura’s talk at Crex Meadows, 2015, Friends of Crex Meadows Spring 2015 newsletter

“I have heard Laura speak to an audience of children and teachers about owls and hummingbirds in Houston, Minnesota, and to a group of local birders describing her Big Year, and she was sufficiently knowledgable and entertaining to maintain the rapt attention of all attendees! The exquisite photos are icing on the cake—or suet on the pine cone?” —Kerry Everett