Laura's Speaking Engagements

Since the pandemic began, Laura has been going great guns on programs via Zoom. So far, she’s spoken to school and homeschooling groups and a lot of other groups as well. On the first of each month, she’s inviting her Patreon supporters and those who make direct contributions supporting her work to a Zoom presentation. You can also arrange for her to give a special program to the group of your choice; she charges $300 to speak about one of the topics listed below, and can develop a new program specifically for your group for $500. Rates are negotiable for non-profits and other small budget entities, and when she’s desperate to add a new state to the list of places where she’s given programs.

Laura is fully vaccinated now, but is still being very conservative about travel because she and her vaccinated husband live with their unvaccinated son, daughter, son-in-law, and baby grandchild.


Past Keynotes and Other Major Presentations

(This doesn’t include workshops, field trips, etc.).
- Hampshire Bird Club meeting, Massachusetts, 2019 .
- Brookline Bird Club meeting, Massachusetts, 2019.
- Southeast Arizona Birding Festival Banquet Keynote, Arizona, 2019 .
- L.L.Bean/Maine Audubon Birding Festival, Maine, 2019.
- Indiana Dunes Birding Festival Banquet Keynote, Indiana, 2019 . - Fremont Area District Library Saturday Morning Lecture, Michigan, 2019
- Ocean State Bird Club annual meeting, Rhode Island, 2019
- Acadia Birding Festival, Maine, 2018
- Iowa Ornithologists’ Union spring meeting, Iowa, 2018
- High Plains Snow Goose Festival, Colorado, 2017
- Hog Island Audubon Camp “Joy of Birding”, Maine, 2016 and 2018 - Cornell Lab of Ornithology Monday Night Seminar, New York, 2015 - The Biggest Week in American Birding, Ohio, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2018 - Trempealeau National Wildlife Refuge Migratory Bird Day, Wisconsin, 2015, 2018 - Wings ‘N Wetlands, Kansas, 2015 - Georgia Ornithological Society Fall Meeting, Georgia, 2014 - Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory, Minnesota, 2014 - Chequamagon Bay Birding and Nature Festival, Wisconsin, 2014 - Lesser Prairie-Chicken Festival, Oklahoma, 2014 - Red Slough Birding Festival, Oklahoma, 2013 - Wisconsin Society for Ornithology Annual Convention, Wisconsin, 2013 - Northwoods Birding Festival, Wisconsin, 2012 - Cleveland Metroparks North Shore Nature Festival, Ohio, 2011 - Audubon Society of Missouri Fall Meeting, Missouri, 2011 - Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival, Florida, 2010 - Sax-Zim Bog Birding Festival, Minnesota, 2008, 2018 - Environmental Education Association of New Mexico Meeting, New Mexico, 2007 - Central Valley Birding Symposium, California, 2007 - American Birding Association Convention, Minnesota, 2002 - Lake Erie Wing Watch Weekend, Ohio, 2000 - Detroit Lakes Festival of Birds, Minnesota, 1990s


“I had the pleasure of hearing Laura speak at The Biggest Week in American Birding in 2012. Her talk centered around common birds that were familiar even to beginners, but she described so many fascinating details about their lives and behaviors that the veteran birders in the audience were just as enthralled as the rookies. I would recommend her presentations to birders of all levels of interest and experience—you will be both educated and entertained!” —Barb Padgett

“The information that Laura shared with us, along with the large screen visuals, was extensive and fascinating, but what made the evening memorable was Laura herself. She has a wonderful sense of humor, is a natural storyteller, and is highly articulate yet completely down-to-earth.” —Donna Miller, regarding Laura’s talk at Crex Meadows, 2015, Friends of Crex Meadows Spring 2015 newsletter

“I have heard Laura speak to an audience of children and teachers about owls and hummingbirds in Houston, Minnesota, and to a group of local birders describing her Big Year, and she was sufficiently knowledgable and entertaining to maintain the rapt attention of all attendees! The exquisite photos are icing on the cake—or suet on the pine cone?” —Kerry Everett