Speaking Program: Laura's Best Bird EVER! I went looking for birds, and found joy, love, redemption, and more.

Have you ever had such a perfect look at a bird, or watched it in such perfect circumstances, that you thought it had to be the best bird ever? Laura Erickson has found herself saying exactly that on many occasions, from special glimpses at abundant chickadees to her one and only glimpse at one of the rarest birds on the planet, the Horned Guan. Some of the birds she’s seen in her travels to four continents made the grade, but so did some of the special individuals she’s seen in her own backyard. Sometimes looking for the best bird ever can open our minds and hearts to much, much more.

(Laura gave this talk as the keynote to sell-out crowds at the 2019 Indiana Dunes Birding Festival and the 2019 Southeast Arizona Bird Festival.)

Laura's son Tom with a Pileated Woodpecker she was rehabbing