Sound Recording: Persistent Young American Redstart

Recorded on June 21, 2019 Recorded in Peabody Street, Duluth, MN

This young male has been singing a lot in the past few days, close enough to my house that I’ve been able to pick him out while working at my treadmill. I went out to get a recording and tracked him for quite a while. Between songs, he was grabbing insects and moving from one perch to another, all in the back of my yard in a nice thicket of various trees and shrubs. I’ve never had a redstart try to establish a territory in my yard before; so far no one seems to be challenging his ownership of the territory, but so far no females seem interested, either. He sang 67 songs in 7 minutes in a bout that lasted much longer before I started recording; he stopped singing within a minute or two of my ending the recording. The bird in the photo is the bird in the recording.

[This turned out to be the last day this redstart appeared, so I’m glad I got the recording when I did!]

Duration: 7′03″