Sound Recording: Red-eyed Vireo: 48 minutes of steady singing.

Recorded on June 16, 2020 Recorded in Peabody Street, Duluth, MN

This was part of my dawn chorus recording, but tragically, I forgot to erase my memory card ahead of time, and it pooped out while the bird was still singing. This song burst (his first of the day) started about 6:58 am CDT, so just about 7. He was still going at it a good half hour after the recording stopped. I counted 416 songs during the first ten minutes, so extrapolating over 48:41, he sang at least 2,000 songs during this recording! I hadn’t heard one in several days until yesterday, so this may be a new bird from the one in the photo. This guy hung around all day, but was gone the next day when I was prepared to get an entire day of recordings.

Duration: 48′42″